Cpanel/WHM Hacks

These were pretty useful and popular in their day (early 2000s), and I'm leaving them up for historical giggles.

More Knob? Unpossible! Does anyone still use these? Do they work? Either way, I'd appreciate it if you'd drop me a note. Find out what happened here...

Working in a shared hosting environment can suck. You can't access various things, or you want to allow others to access things that are only in cpanel/whm. Here's a few hacks that may help.

Components outside of Cpanel/WHM

Autoresponder: None ViewAllow access to webmail autoresponder configuration outside of cPanel
AWStats: View ViewView outside cPanel
AWStatsAuth: -- ViewHave clients "login" to AWStats through a web form
Fileman README DownloadFileman is a proxy for the Cpanel File Manager. It allows resellers the ability to offer the functionality of the Cpanel File Manager without having to give complete access to the full Cpanel.
Lastest Visitors: None ViewView outside cPanel
Server status: View View  
Webalizer stats: View ViewView outside cPanel


Backup and FTP: Sample output View Similar to others. Uses cURL/SSL to download home backups and db backups, but uploads them to a remote ftp server of your choosing. Uses an HTML form submittal. NOT recommended, flaky, insecure.
Multi-site full backups: Sample output View Requests full backups through cpanel. Uses cURL/SSL.
Multi-site home backups: See script for usage View Uses wget
Multi-site home backups: Sample Log View Uses cURL; a 35mb backup seems to be about the limit; YMMV
Multi-site db backup: Sample Log View Uses straight PHP; Not tested on "large" databases

* The backup scripts using cURL and straight PHP (i.e. not wget) seem to have trouble with files over about 35 mb.
* All the backup scripts pass the username/passwords to whm/cpanel through the URL. Some scripts use SSL. Others don't.

Miscellaneous Utilities

Cpanel Login: Try it. View Source in your Browser Simple html/javascript form. Password in cleartext. http or https.
Disk usage: View View 
Mysql disk usage: View View 
Re-theme: Sample output View Uses cURL/SSL
Server Uptime: View View 

Voxtreme Utilities

Server Announcements: View ViewUses the voxinfo class. I didn't write that code.
Email Status: Description ViewSample Calling Script