Josheli, What Happened?

[UPDATE]The cpanel stuff and statrat are back.[/UPDATE]

There used to be a bunch of crappy php scripts on this site. I took them down. Here’s why…

1. They were crappy.

2. They were time-consuming to support.

3. They were crappy.

4. They were time-consuming to support.

First, the crappiness. I learned PHP in 2001 in order to create a baseball stats tracking application for my MSBL team. Statrat, as it was known, was my first PHP “application”. It worked, but the code was inelegant, imprecise and probably unsecure. But it worked, and lots of people downloaded and used it (and are still using it I guess). All of those people also wanted me to support it, and to help them install it, and to fix bugs and make it work on their machines and …. well, it was more and more time consuming.

I also created several other “applications” for personal use and various other utility scripts that I made available. All told, I was getting a fair bit of traffic and it was all taking more and more time to support, though I continually had less and less time to offer. I put up a forum to offload some support, set up CVS and a build system, and I added Google ads and a PayPal donation button for some ROI. I made about $100/year from the ads and got about $80 in donations over 3 years but the support costs (in time, money, sanity) just kept growing.

Not ever having time to re-implement the code, the works just stagnated, and when I would apply for a PHP job, employers would google my name and find this repository of crappy code. I really think it hurt me in the job search, which is ever-ongoing.

So I took them all down, let my Hotscripts entries lapse (which drove much of the traffic), and just went silent for about 6 months. Perhaps I’ll put them all back up, unsupported, with a link to this explanation. Perhaps not, I’m sure no one missed them. I don’t.

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14 thoughts on “Josheli, What Happened?

  1. Well I understand your post, but do you think you could post the scripts again. I was going to use some of them.

    Just saw this post the other day and bookmarked your site to download the scripts when I had time. Now their gone. :-(

    If you could post them or email them to me I’d be eternally grateful. I certainly don’t expect your tech support on them, but they would save me tons of time.


  2. Wow, that was quick. Ok, I’ll repost everything when I get a chance, perhaps this weekend. If I don’t get around to it, I’ll email you the cpanel/whm stuff. See, here I am “supporting” these things again. ;)

  3. Hi. Just wondering what happened to your Points Calculator? It was no longer calculating the points.

  4. I love your Statrat tool. Yes, it needs some work… but its better than starting from scratch.

    I did TONS of research on Google and couldn’t find any other script like it. I also loved how I could modify it to do whatever I wanted.

    Here’s an example of my implementation.

    We just added a new season and it seems to have introduced a new bug or two… but I’m sure I can figure it out.

    Thanks again!

  5. I was looking for a php application for doing wish list and I was about to quite looking and start making my own then I came across your site and I was wondering if you would be willing to email me source code for it. I would require no support and would greatly appreciate it as it would save a lot of work.


  6. I was looking for wishlist too and came acros yours, please, no support, will you email the script?

    Love from Denmark

  7. Wishlist script wanted! )= I’ve been Googling and Googling. Please email me if you can send it, thanks.

    chiyeuk at gmail dot com

  8. Hi, I am too looking for some wish list code, no support, just need to get somthing working. Please could you email me the source? Thanks.

  9. I am interested in the Wishlist script as well. I wanted to get into it and see if I can adapt it to my needs. And perhaps re-release it under gpl.

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