B … O … R … I … N … G … and Boring was its Name-O

Saturday was a brutal, desire-killing, I’m-never-running-again run. I missed running with the usual suspects Saturday morning due to other life, so I went singularly around the ‘hood near to 1:30 pm. Disgustingly hot and humid, I cried and dry-heaved my way to a little less than 7 miles in a little under an hour, but I didn’t care how far or slow, I just wanted it to be over with. Thinking thoughts along the way, I decided I should never again run alone, run after lunch, run when the temp is over 90, or run in the neighborhood.

Sunday morning, with the boys at her mom’s, Jessica and I were actually able to run together for the first time in …. ever? She was trying to fit in her long run (since she missed it on Saturday), and I was just along for the ride. I guess we were on our feet for 50 minutes or so, and have no idea of the distance as we tried out the new trail around the new Costco. Anyway, it was mostly just kids-free together time. Ain’t that sweet?

Spent Sunday day playing “Capture the Flag” with a gaggle of kids from Jessica’s mom’s neighborhood. Loads of fun, lots of running. The “good kind of running”.

Monday morning, my birthday, had me back at the Sparkler run, though I could only fit in about six miles due to time constraints (those always seem to be cropping up). Unfortunately, only Fletcher showed, and he was doing some course through Tarrytown, so my birthday run was another solo affair, but it was pleasant, if not high-energy. I think I ticked off the last two miles around 7.11 and 6.59.

Today brought us back to our beloved mile repeats in Zilker. 6.17, 6.06, 6.01, 5.42, 5.46. I struggled through the first repeat as my hamstrings felt like piano strings (from Sunday’s games?), and I couldn’t even keep up with the four people I was running with. Surely thought I was in for a long day, then something switched on during the second interval and I felt strong for the last four. Somebody said, “you dominated that hill” after the fourth one, which was uplifting, and I basically ran alone for the fifth and final repeat. It was a good day.

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8 thoughts on “B … O … R … I … N … G … and Boring was its Name-O

  1. Do you realize that you have created an expectation that there will be something interesting (and new) to read on your blog at some reasonable publishing rate?
    Notice I avoided using the word obligation as I don’t want to add a(nother) ball and chain to your load.

    It goes with the territory if you want return visitors. So let’s have the equivalent of some high knees typing.

    And you can’t just put it off by saying you’re doing this for your own enjoyment because you’ve created a virtual community now and you have an obligaxxxxxx I mean an audience to entertain.

    If it means more hard workouts, get out there. It will make you stronger.

  2. Sorry for the incomprehensible message. It was just a stupid way of saying I enjoy reading your postings and frequently check for new ones. Really, that’s what I meant.

  3. oh, i thought you were scolding me for not being more funny and frequent….

    “Be. More. Funny.”
    (It’s a Simpson’s quote).

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